Transforming the Addington Passenger Station took lots of planning and coordinating the team and suppliers to upgrade all the elements in the tight time frame of 22 days. This is a busy working station so we needed to complete the job on time and to a high spec. The result is a stunning, modern station fit for our ‘new city’.

Addington Station was originally designed and built is 1993 following earthquake damage to the former Christchurch Station on Moorhouse Avenue. Over 25 Years later, the Check-in area was more than ready to be updated, to send travellers heading on the TranzAlpine and TranzCoastal off in style

The project included:
  • Demolish the overhead canopy and safely reduce the existing steelwork
  • Remove the security grill, speaker system and mechanical heating
  • Relocate the server and minimise the cabling that would allow a minimalistic finish
  • Strip back all walls to allow for the concealing of cables and pipes
  • Rebuild walls and finish to a level 5 standard to accommodate a wall graphic representing the Southern Alps
  • Ceiling and wall fins finished in quality timber and complimented with Autex fins
  • New state of the art check in counters and digital scales
  • Improved seating increasing the number of seats and usb power sockets
  • Recessed Heating, Air conditioning and sunken ducting with accessible future access panels were installed to keep a simple, minimalistic and clean appearance

We captured the whole upgrade on time lapse video (see this on our commercial page and on Facebook) and loads of photos.

After the demolition of the old counters and ceilings, we worked on ducting, pre-wiring and rewiring the area ready for data and power cables for the new counters and scales. All the walls were stripped back, insulated and re-lined with GIB. The finish on the main wall, which is illuminated by the sun throughout the day, had to be immaculate ready for the stylish new graphics. The position and sunlight meant the fully re-plastered walls and decorating had to be of the highest standard. Bowers Builders worked on the majority of the refurbishment with experts bought in to set-up the new counter scales and install the ceiling ‘fins’ on the support framework built by us.

We completed the job by laying the new floor tiles. It was great to see on the video any tradies who came on site used the hoover after their work!

Here’s some of the photos-

Before we started:


Finished Result:


All the hard work in between…