Armed with engineering and GEO Tech reports we first assessed the damaged slab of this older property in Christchurch. On the first images below you’ll see the extent of the cracked and damaged house footings making the property unsafe and uninsurable from earthquake damage.

Our first task was to prop up the house with metal beams to make the property secure and allow us access to begin work underneath. We removed any weather board cladding that would obstruct our work and took out damaged steps. We opened up access internally through some floor boards to give us the best options of working.

Next we removed the damaged foundations. We excavated a trench around the property where a new cement base could be placed. This involved boxing out the trench and cutting and bending steel supports to run through the new cement for support. Once the ‘back’ of the boxing and steels support were in place we completed the front boxing work to create a new ‘mould’ ready for the cement

The cement was then poured to give a bespoke new cement foundation.  The weather boards were made good and wooden trims and steps replaced, and the weather boards redecorated.

The damaged house was once again secure, safe and insurable.